advertisers is a community which is interested in your animals well being and specifically applies to people that have a pet themselves. We offer scientific information, services and contacts with professionals and commercials. We also offer scientific based opinions on the health of your animal. 

The main communication tools that we use for our customers are indeed our web site, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. 

In a limited amount of time we have reached a great amount of users every day and we had numerous contacts with journalist who sign up in our website daily to use our platform. wants to be the landmark for pet owners that are looking for reliable, punctual and up to date information about animals. We also offer our customers the best opinions on services such as vets, breeders, family homes... is a portal full of complete and interesting articles where you can research about anything and actively communicate with comments under each article or post. You can also directly keep in touch with experts and collaborators.

Our platform will offer agencies great visibility opportunities with advertising spaces such as banners or newsletters. Through these advertisements you might communicate with you target using a specialized channel and by profiling preferences from a rich data base of online users. (in full compliance with privacy legislations.)