immagine Il diritto alla vita per  i gatti malati di Felv

The right to live for cats with FeLV disease

We look through the regular print newspapers or online magazines every day, and the news about animals are more and more numerous and often brings us back to gruesome facts, mistreatment or even worse scenarios. As in all things in life, there is fortunately a positive side to everything, they shine with a deep love for life, and are wonderful beings who know how to give a lot of love. Here we tell you about a beautiful story about cats, so full of good intentions that it almost seems like a fairy tale, but it is actually a true story.

A story of sacrifices made with the heart by Maria Torero, a Peruvian nurse who lovingly takes care of sick people during her working hours and then continues her work at home with dedication, but for a large group of cats. Maria is the creator and leader of a wonderful project called "La Casita Gatuna"; a rest home for cats suffering from Felv which is feline leukaemia. These cats are often abandoned and are terminally ill. Nobody really wants to adopt them. Maria thought of them and took care of their needs, their suffering, the melancholy of abandonment and therefore created a home for them.

She lives with a very big family but they are all united by the misfortune of an unforgiving disease but also by an infinite love that binds them like a thin but very strong silver thread. A love that enables Maria to take care of 175 cats to whom she gives food, medicine, care, a roof and a lot of affection. Many of them also suffer from other diseases and this very strong woman copes with everything with the help of her three children and of donations. Maria's cats are serene; they doze and eat and they are surrounded by the warmth of an environment designed especially for them.

Maria wants her cats to live happily all the days they has left on earth, and relieves all their ailments with pills, injections and cuddles, giving a better quality of life. Maria tells us that she started rescuing animals when she saw the wickedness of the people at the market, arid people who chased them away by throwing hot water or bleach at them: "I started when I saw the vendors throw bleach or boiling water at cats in the market, treating them as if they were garbage".

They didn't stop to think that animals ever even had feelings. “Who suffers and feel pain, cold and hunger, like us ". Among the many pages that talk about Maria Torero, we also find a nice photo shoot where Maria's cats are portrayed, very sweet and peaceful, colourful in their cute sweaters. These pictures portray that there is still good in life and that all animals must be taken care of. Including cats sick with Felv. Thank you Maria.