The phenomenon of pet spa is also landing in Italy.  From the big cities, the birth of these specialized centres is moving to villages and towns, becoming a reference point for those who are not satisfied with simple grooming sessions.

Spas for dogs and cats in fact offer a much more complete and refined service than the traditional toilet centre. It is essentially a complete program, where the dog and cat undergo a check-up followed by proposals relating to diet and beauty treatments. If your dog or cat are overweight or need to tone their muscles, the Spa draws up a real food plan, which is flanked by toning and slimming massages and swimming sessions in the designated pools.

The whirlpool or hydro pool is dedicated to dogs, as kittens do not particularly like water, and it is implemented periodically to tone the muscles of our four-legged friend and to make them more lively and reactive.

The Spas offer a series of treatments ranging from anti-stress massage to real beauty treatments, such as masks, hydrotherapy, massage therapy and beauty-related sessions, with specialized hairdressers and a myriad of accessories dedicated to hairdressing. All this is completed by the use of dedicated perfumes and essences, which help both to relax the animals and to make them fragrant in view of social gatherings.

In Italy, the phenomenon mainly affects large cities, Milan and Rome in the lead. In the Milanese city it is possible to take your four-legged friend to the "Terme di Fido", a center located 20 kilometers from the center in the locality of Pessano con Bornago. The structure has 600 square meters of space and is equipped with a large swimming pool with whirlpool and many rooms dedicated to aesthetics and dog health.

 Also in Milan, we find the innovative “For Pets Only Beauty & Spa centre”, a real relaxation place for dogs and cats. Scented candles, relaxing paths and treatments with essential oils await cats and dogs. In Brescia, there is the “Dog's Sporting Academy”, much more than a wellness centre, as  there is a spacious swimming pool, a playground and a wellness area equipped with ozone treatments and hydro massages.


Following the Italian boot towards Sicily, we can find “La Vecchia Fattorina”, a beauty farm located in Rome that includes a professional and highly trained staff. Hairdressers, beauticians and even yoga teachers are at the disposal of feline friends and dogs, together with a veterinary specialist who is perhaps the most canonical figure within the structure.

The very luxurious “Chalet of San Giovanni Teatino” is in the province of Chieti. Although it is a structure purely dedicated to trauma rehabilitation, the centre offers hydrotherapy, massage therapy and allows you to completely renew the look of your four-legged friends.

Excessive? Unbridled luxury? Certainly. These centres offer specific services at a very high cost. On the one hand, these treatments are absolutely devoted to the health and aesthetics of animals and do not contemplate episodes of fanaticism like the latest news we had to get through live from Russia. The video was a huge hit on the web and featured a cat transformed into a bee and a dog into a dragon. With colours. Although the owner of the centre has ensured that the colours used were non-toxic and safe for animals, it would be advisable to encourage the owners to buy a beehive or to go to the island of Komodo, where there are dragons existing on earth instead of transforming your animal into one!

Respect for animals is manifested in daily gestures, in providing them with a healthy diet and in dedicating all the affection and time we can. Everything else is a surplus, which wealthy people can afford and which certainly represents a great trend in our present.