First aid manual for animals

Our site,, is primarily concerned with the health and welfare of pets.

If you need information on the behaviour of your dog or cat, on the functioning of diseases or vaccines, on the legal aspects that affect a pet owner, you can consult our pages and you will surely find the article that best suits your needs.

However, although the network is increasingly widespread, in some situations it is not reachable, because perhaps we do not have a compatible phone, or still do not have a computer at hand. Perhaps we might even lack internet connection.

The most serious situations are certainly those in which urgent intervention is necessary for our dog or our cat.

With all the warnings, it can happen that our dog suddenly starts shaking, or starts vomiting, or even gets hurt and we realize that a bone has broken. The first instinct is to take him to the vet, which obviously must be done, but it is not always the first choice.

In some situations, by the time we take the car and drive to our closest clinic it might be too late for the vet intervention.

We have decided to write an eBook. An electronic book that you can insert on any of your devices: computers, tablets, phones or eBook readers. Of course, you can also print it and read it on paper.

The title of the book is "Manual of First Aid for Animals", written by Valerio Guiggi, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and scientific director of the site, and by Antonella Schiavone, student in Veterinary Medicine.

The book has been designed for a double use: the first is obviously to do normal reading, which will be useful to inform you so that you are always ready in case of an emergency.

The second use is that of emergency situations: the book has been divided into sections that can be quickly consulted in conditions of need, so that you can immediately find information on what is happening to your pet and on how to behave before reaching the vet.

The eBook is designed to be carried with us, using smartphones and tablets; in the book you will find written explanations as well as schematic drawings to explain how to carry out the simplest operations, for example the first bandages for our animals.

The download is free. To download the book you simply register using the form you find on this page. Make sure you enter your correct email address, since an email message will be sent to that address in which you will find a copy of the book in various formats attached.

Choose the one that best suits the device you have, then copy the manual via computer to your eBook reader, smartphone, tablet, consulting it directly from your PC or print it.

You can also open the email directly from your smartphone or tablet: in this case you will need to install specific apps to be able to read it (for example, iBooks from the App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad, or Google Play Books from the Play Store if you have an Android device).

So check that the book works and remember not to delete it: if you have the device with you, even without an internet connection, you will always know what to do with your pet in situations of need.

The Animal First Aid Manual will be sent to your email address after registering on this page. If there are problems and the book does not arrive once registered and logged in, you can download the eBook via this page.