immagine Cane o gatto? L'importanza e gli aspetti di una scelta meravigliosa

Dogs or cats? The advantages of this important decision

 Deciding to share your life with a pet is a fairly common choice, but many are faced with the same dilemma each time: dogs or cats?

If it important to decide with patience. You might end up with a cat when you might have preferred a dog and vice versa!

On the other hand, when you know exactly what pet you prefer it will be the one that corresponds to your needs and your lifestyle. Of course, living with a cat and a dog has its substantial differences. Some studies conducted by Carroll University of Waukesha, located in Wisconsin (USA) has even underlined how the personality of the human is decisive in the choice of owning a dog rather than a cat and vice versa

Those who prefer cats have an unconventional character, lover of their habits, very discreet and affectionate, love to surround themselves with comfort and love good food.

Those who prefer a dog as a pet love the outdoors, walking, hiking, nature, adventures, movement, open spaces, socialize very easily and in 70% of cases practice a sport in a constant way. There is also a fairly significant percentage of people who decide to take both a dog and a cat. The experimentation of coexistence between humans and our furry friends becomes even more interesting and constructive. The emotional and affective exchange is of a high range; Lets dispel the rumour that dogs and cats cannot live together.


If animals are well educated and accustomed to domestic social life, coexistence generates excellent results; we will see our cat sleeping peacefully between our dog’s paws, and also eat meals from the same bowl in good harmony.

The decision of having one or more pets is a positive and beneficial choice for the whole family environment, especially for those with children. Growing up with a pet at your side is important for the psychophysical development of our children. The proximity of an animal (another living being) which requires care, affection and attention, makes children more responsible and self-confident and promotes socio-affective manifestations.

Obviously, we must not overlook the importance of applying rules and precautions, both hygienic and organizational; cleaning and feeding care, veterinary checks, vaccinations are fundamental and necessary elements to take care of your pet, as well as towards your children and their well-being, for a happy and long coexistence with your furry friends.