Do you prefer dogs or cats? Let your personality decide

Dogs and cats are known to be a very important part of our life. Many owners live peacefully with both, showing no preference for either. There are, however, many people that take sides either with dogs or with cats. Therefore, this causes great controversy amongst owners to decide which one is the best. There is clearly no answer to this question, considering the large number of positive aspects of each. However, research published by the American journal Psychology Today has shown that the preference between dogs and cats is actually determined by our personality.

Both animals are definitely extremely different in many aspects. Dogs tend to be more sociable, open to contact with humans and sometimes even a little "big-headed". Cats, on the other hand, in many cases are shy, independent and can even cope happily without the owner, except for food and for the rare cuddling moments.

According to the magazine, we can also identify similar characteristics (from dogs and cats) in our personality, so we are able to distinguish between a group of people who are more compatible with dogs or cats.

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Dog lovers, in fact, are dynamic, sociable people and open to collaborate with others. Being dynamic and sociable is an essential characteristic for dog owners, considering that the dog has a greater need to leave the house for daily walks. During these moments, it is easy to meet other dog owners with whom you can socialize and chat, as advanced by psychologist Samuel D. Gosling. Being open to collaboration, would be highlighted above all in the workplace. In fact, people who prefer dogs, would be more willing to accept hierarchies and therefore collaborate with colleagues.

On the contrary, cat lovers would be more independent not only in everyday life, but also as their way of thinking, often making them true nonconformists. Clearly, they wouldn't depend on anyone's judgment, just like our feline friends. According to the theory put forward by Psychology Today, cat owners are also less prone to sociability. At a disco party, they would prefer a quiet evening on the sofa at home, with their pet curled up on his legs.

That is not all. Psychologist Denise Guastello proposes a very interesting aspect on this topic. While it is true that dog lovers are more outgoing and lively, people who own a cat would be more sensitive and even more intelligent. Their IQ, as demonstrated during the research, would be higher than that of those who prefer dogs.

There are many reasons to explain why people feel more connected and close to dogs. Those who love dogs, in fact, need company, while those who love cats consider affection essential.

Although these theories are quite detailed, the question is still pending and we are waiting for further answers.